Essay: Happy Life of Francis Macomber

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Essay: Happy Life of Francis Macomber

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Reading through the story there are some things that become to make sense when one is almost through with the short story. When Macomber’s wife observes that the face of Robert Wilson, the tour guide is red, her husband claims also to have a red face. The difference between what has made the faces of these two men to be red is that the tour guide’s is due to much sun but to Macomber is due to embarrassment. In the end, Margot acknowledges that her face is red because she acknowledges the fact that she contributed a lot in the death of her husband. It is of paramount importance to note that after Macomber shows his cowardice in front of his wife she kisses the tour guide as she looks on. She leaves her husband the same night to visit Wilson’s tent whereby they go ahead and have sex. (Hemingway 3)

Macomber knows that his wife is stalking Wilson something that brings another story of the hunter and the hunted. Though Macomber is out to hunt down lions and buffaloes, he realizes that his wife is hunting down Wilson. “We all take a beating every day . . . one way or another” is the answer that Macomber gives to Wilson when he claims that he beats up the natives instead of fining them. (Hemingway 4) Macomber understands that Wilson has beaten him when it comes to sexual experiences.

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