Essay: Hanks Gardner C. Against the death penalty

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Essay: Hanks Gardner C. Against the death penalty

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Hanks, Gardner C. Against the death penalty: Christian and secular arguments against capital punishment, NY, Herald Press, 1997

This book published in 1997 and written by Hanks argues against capital punishment. According to Hanks in his 208-paged book, capital punishment is not just, even though the authorities, which impose it, require it to show justice. It comes out as an unusual and cruel method of punishment, which deprives people of their right to life (Hanks 18). It proves to be a more serious problem when imposed than the problem it is being imposed for.

Just like Haines, he bases his arguments on both religious and secular viewpoints proving the method unethical and inhuman. He argues that people should be helped to change from their evil ways instead of being terminated even before they are able to change and repent. By being helped to change, they can be a living example to other criminals helping them change their ways even before they reach the trials.

He is not for the idea of capital punishment and thus advises it should be abolished for he sees more harm than benefits from the method. He has strong points which if followed will give the governments a reason to abolish the method.

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