Essay: Hamilton Harbor Cleanup

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Essay: Hamilton Harbor Cleanup

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The clean up facilities for the landfill would also result in long term exorbitant costs. However the Government officials have been arguing that removing the toxic waste would be too expensive and more dangerous as it would involve extracting the toxins, containing them and then removing them by transporting them to a nuclear toxin waste site.

This would be too expensive and increase the dangers of exposing other regions to the dangers of the toxins.

The best plan of action for the state would be to remove the toxins entirely from the site in order to make way for restoration and maintenance of the region. The problem with removal of toxins in a short period of time is that it would be highly expensive and impossible to transport the toxins out so quickly as a result a better option would be to side with the government and contain the toxins to a landfill in the region by capping them. However in the long term the toxins will have to be shipped out or transported to a disposal site where they can be neutralized. Otherwise the toxic waste site itself is going to present a threat to the environment and the community residing in the region, in the long term.

Another option that is present to the ones involved in this situation is to do nothing about the development of the case. This would however be disastrous for the regions as the toxin levels right now are somewhat contained inHamiltonHarboronly. However if nothing is to be done to cap them or remove them then these toxins would end up in theOntario Lake. This would take place due to wind patterns and the currents underwater which would wit time take the toxins to the Ontario Lake region, whereby affecting the vast areas harbored by it.

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