Essay: Growth of digital technologies

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Essay: Growth of digital technologies

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An additional exciting aspect of the quick growth of digital technologies in the past decade is the individual nature of the new technology. An individual, with small investment, now can copy and dispense millions of copies of works throughout the Internet, particularly works that can be digitized effortlessly, like music or motion pictures or photographs.

In the United States, there are a number of organizations which set up peer-to-peer networking technology to get benefit from this, fundamentally recruiting millions of consumers into a network of copyright violation on a level never seen before. The truth that the actions of many people can cause colossal, extensive violation raises severe questions about enforcement. It is quite tricky for copyright owners to recognize, locate, and bring enforcement actions against the huge number of individuals who might be violating their works. It is no guarantee that the violators will be able to pay for the damaged caused by then even if the owners of the original work wanted it to.

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