Essay: The Green Award

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Essay: The Green Award

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The Green award has also been inefficient in ensuring sustainability in some areas of Europe, emerging new hotels at their infancy stages (in non-EU countries). A good example is the Russia hotel markets, which though already undersupplied, because of local developers are not conscious of the environment, but the green awards have failed to ensure the same. It is vital that all the expenses that may hinder its implementation be taken care of by the Green awards scheme. This is because building green is expensive compared to the previously existing traditional methods. Implementation costs, the consequent labor-intensive certification process and the lack of industry adaptation have been evident in hospitality operations. Unfortunately, there are no incentives associated with the costs for such sustainable designs. These designs are necessary in supporting feasibility. As Tzschentke et al (2008) argues, businesses are urged to go green but they are not offered favorable environment in terms of infrastructure and support.

3. The Green awards scheme has not worked to the expected level in ensuring sensitization of any available financial incentives as well as potential savings that can be realized if energy use is reduced and waste is minimized. Such information if well shared to the many hotels, hospitality operations would have been much efficient since there would be adequate awareness to all. It is reported that there has been a rising confusion in the environmental labels and awards to apply in the tourism businesses of the UK (Font & Tribe, 2001). This is a proof that the move is not working as planned.

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