Essay: The Green Award Scheme

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Essay: The Green Award Scheme

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The existing insufficiency in technology, capital, training and expertise has also become a great hindrance to the efficient hospitality operations in hotels. The Green award scheme ought to have availed training programs for interested parties to learn more for purposes of improving their business operation. It is true that most of the management of small businesses all over the world lack the necessary training or even information to support the move of going green. Many of these also cannot afford to employ an expert in the field. If Green awards scheme could have availed adequate training to these people, then this would not be a problem and the general economy would have been boosted. Technology should be a priotised issue for the Green award schemes. This will in turn upgrade the technological advancements in place for purposes of hospitality in operation (Leslie, 2009).

5. The Green awards scheme should hence make it its mandate that there is adequate knowledge and awareness to all the relevant hotel business. This is to ensure that hospitality in operation is met satisfactorily. Furthermore, training, management strategies and expenses ought to be priotised by this scheme. This way, it is possible to cater for the problems that are still evident to date. Conclusively, the Green award scheme has failed in providing competitive advantage for hospitality operations (Dhab, A. & United Arab Emirates, 2010).

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