Essay: The Great Gatsby

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Essay: The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a story of a young man by the name of Jay Gatsby who beats all odds to rise from a poor background in North Dakota to achieve the American dream of owning a house and becoming wealthy. It is of paramount importance to note that he did not get his wealthy through legal means for he deals in illegal alcohol and stolen bonds. Since when he is a young boy he despises poverty and opts out of St. Olaf College because he did not like the job he was doing off a janitor to pay his fees. He wants to amass immense wealth and thus achieve the American dream through all means. He has been raised in poverty and he hates poverty a lot to the extent of envying those who have a lot of money at their disposal. He works very hard towards making his dreams a reality.

The main driving force behind the quest off Gatsby to get rich is the love he has for Daisy Buchanan a lady he met when he was a in the military. Daisy loved luxury a lot and this drives him to like riches a lot for he wants to be in a position where by he can satisfy her financially. After Gatsby leaves for war, she gets married to Tom Buchanan in 1919, despite the fact that she had promised to wait for his return. Gatsby then dedicates his life to making millions of dollars in an attempt to win Daisy back. He even buys a mansion in West Egg and throws parties as a way of proving to Daisy that he is rich enough and thus he can satisfy her luxuriant life financially. (Bryer & VanArsdale p102)

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