Essay: Grant Clinic, Inc. Financial Plan and Presentation

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Essay: Grant Clinic, Inc. Financial Plan and Presentation

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Grant Clinic, Inc. is a firm that serves patients in the neighborhood of about 24,000 people. The clinic has not been doing well for the last year and as a result, the financial advisor is expected to build a case for external pressures or threats that Grant Clinic, Inc. has faced in the previous year. Further, the financial advisor is expected to show how these pressures have affected performance of the clinic. This will imply that the financial advisor is entitled to conducting a SWOT analysis but emphasizes on the external threats of the firm. SWOT analysis can be defined as a major technique applicable in identifying the firm’s competitive advantage, organizational development, improving the firm’s success and strategic planning of the firm’s undertakings (Mallon, 2010). Through the findings of the SWOT analysis, the management of the firm can help the Clinic solve some of the problems it has faced over the past year (Böhm, 2009).

One of the biggest challenges the firm is facing is that of high and stiff competition from the neighboring clinics. It is noted that at a distance of less than 6 miles, there is a new residential community that has its main target as the young families. Although this residential community is not yet build and occupied, it is expected to be in operation in less than a year. This should be the main target for Grant Clinic Inc. However, it is also noted that there is another major hospital system that has announced that it will be building a medical center with physician office space in a nearby community. This is a proof that Grant Clinic Inc. cannot expect patients from that community although it is not very far from its premises.

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