Essay: Grading on Performance

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Essay: Grading on Performance

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By grading on performance, some students will be hurt since they can easily understand even before they put efforts. I have witnessed this while I was in high school for I had a friend who could grasp the ideas as the teachers was teaching and thus did very little revision for the exams. He used to perform very well in the exams and I did not see any need of grading him based on the efforts he put since he never put efforts and performed very well. This implies that students should always be graded on performance so that they feel motivated or else two types of grading should be applied (University of Kansas, 2005).

Can you imagine of a situation in which your younger brother is given good grades in elementary school simply because his efforts are seen in the way he goes to school everyday. He even goes further to graduate to primary school simply because of efforts but all the answers you see in his assignments are incorrect. This can make the parent hate himself for the poor performance of the kid although graded highly. It is therefore advisable that students are graded based on performance since it will be easy to understand where they have gone wrong and why. They will thus try to understand the parts, which have contributed to their failure, and this eventually increases the results.

It is very important that the performance of students be graded on their performance so that those who do not understand fast are easily identified and helped. The teachers will be able to increase their performance by helping them understand their weaknesses.

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