Essay: Government of the Mediterranean

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Essay: Government of the Mediterranean

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Even though the government of the Mediterranean supported one religion, every one in the society was at liberty to follow a religion of his own choice. Romans could not put the interests of their nation before their Christian faith and that is why most of them were Christians, not by choice but circumstances. The people of the Mediterranean had a great devotion towards the needs of their country and strictly followed the teachings of Aristocrat. Although it was, the Romans who built their cosmopolitan city of Rome much of the architectural designs are borrowed from the arts of the Greeks.

It is worthy noting that Rome and Greece developed to become empires. Their main economic activity was agriculture but they promoted scientific innovations even though they were for different reasons. In Italy, around Naples, Mt. Vesuvius produced fertile land by blanketing the soil with tephra, which aged into rich soil. (Bentley et al 2008 pps 66-121) Since Naples is situated between two mountainous ranges, which are Alps and Apennine, the climate there makes it an ideal place for farming. The society was held together by different teachings from the governments since they emphasized on social responsibility.  The people of the empires of Rome and Greece worshiped a series of gods and goddesses whom they thought were the key to survival of the human kind. This religion offered very little in matters of ethics but allowed people to choose what they thought would be best to suit their physical needs. The teachings of Aristotle and Cicero gave the people of the three empires reasons to be responsible in their deeds. In sciences, Greeks had a passion for geometry and anatomy whereas the Romans, concentrated on engineering. Greeks proved to be the best in the field of arts and especially sculpture, architecture, and plays. Romans tried their level best to copy arts from the Greeks but they never came close to rivaling them. (Bentley et al 2008 pps 100-156)

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