Essay: Global Motor Manufacturing Market

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Essay: Global Motor Manufacturing Market

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As the executive summary indicates there are various challenges that Ford Motors face in its global motor manufacturing market. Some of these challenges are quite fundamental to success of any business and unless they are solved the progress shall be short term like what William Ford Jr. And later dropped back to Mr. Mulally era.

Therefore the main focus of this paper is to ensure that look at this challenges separately and way forward strategy that can enable the Ford Motors to heal the wound of unproductively and regain a competitive scope that is sustainable. To this effect, it is a point of worthy to mention that Ford Motor Company from the year 2007 has made significant step (Kerwin 2006, Huston 2003). Like announcing its working with the HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to add up its scale of production. Moreover it sold its luxury brand Aston Martin to a UK-based business group since this luxury brands added to the consolidated losses. These are some of the vital steps that ought to be taken, but more need to be done.

To this extend the paper shall discuss the prerequisites for adoption of a turnaround with insight of change management to achieve high performance for the Ford Motors firm. in order to examine this effectively, the paper shall have it in four following sections.  Section (i) shall discuss the changing Manufacturing environment for Ford Motors Company. The second section shall embark on the company’s capacity to respond to change. Section three shall examine the available options for the Ford Motor firm and the fourth section shall present the recommendations.

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