Essay: Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

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Essay: Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

Bigsten, A; et al. “Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction inEthiopia:

Evidence from Household Panel Surveys.” World Development 31 (1) (2003): 87-106. (Using Quantitative research method)

Deaton, A. “Counting the World’s Poor: Problems and Possible Solutions” The World Bank Research Observer (2001): 125-147.

(Using Qualitative research method)

The two research papers used in this essay have used qualitative and quantitative research methods. The papers have been compared in terms of the method of research highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. The methods have been defined and the literature used as a basis has been discussed. The strengths and weaknesses of each paper have been discussed. The paper’s research methods have been explained and the alternative methods that could have been used have also been indicated for better research. Both papers are related to study the relationship between economic growth and poverty. Both papers reach a similar conclusion that growth has a weak relationship with poverty but one does it better than the other. Therefore the recommendations have also been included.

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