Essay: Giving Contraceptives to the Teenagers

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Essay: Giving Contraceptives to the Teenagers

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It is of paramount importance to note that a child grows to follow the principles of what his or her parents has taught him or her as a child. It has been repeatedly said that a child becomes what he has been brought up to be. It is worthy noting that parents ought to understand that whatever they tell their children should not be the final, but they should negotiate with them in order to come to a compromise. It would be unwise for a parent to think that whatever he or she says is the law, since kids should always be given a chance to air their views no matter how stupid they may appear to the parent. Though many parents might be wondering where they went wrong in the process of raising their children, it is worthy noting that the parents could be the ones who are wrong in the behaviors their children exhibit when they grow up. Children and especially teenagers should treated in a way that they feel loved for it is only through this way that they will grow up to be responsible adults.

As much as contraceptives are important in the lives of all the people irrespective of their age, it is of paramount importance to note that if you raise your children well, then there would be no need of teenagers to use them. This is because if teenagers are brought up properly by their parents and made to understand that engaging in premarital sex will not be of any help to them, then they will grow up knowing that it is bad. Using violence such as spanking to children and teenagers is tantamount to making them more defiant to what their parents are telling them. It is only through love that children will be in a better position to understand the need to be responsible even when they are on their own.

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