Essay: Genetic and Biological Factors causing Eating Disorders

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Essay: Genetic and Biological Factors causing Eating Disorders

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Social factors

The fact that society, especially in America, places high value on thinness among women as consideration for success and beauty, hence, young female adults considers being slender is to achieve this societal standard. Furthermore, the imagery of the top models, great advertisement, gorgeous girls that seem to attract men in movies or exclusive dates appears to be thin. Thus, media such as magazines, TV and movies reinforces such stereotypes; hence most girls become anorexic as a form of copy-cat behavior (Rachel, 2002, pp. 112).

Occupational Goals factors

There are varied occupation and professions that expects women to be slender in order to fit into. Therefore a young woman in society in pursuit of such career as actresses, dancers, gymnast and fashion models may decide to pursue an extreme weight-loss program.

Genetic and Biological Factors

In some cases observed Anorexia Nervosa seems to run in some families. Women whose mothers or sisters have the disorder are more likely to develop the condition than those who do not have relatives with Anorexia Nervosa.

Psychological Factors

On psychological causes it has a premise on the individual’s view of the world. For instance fear of growing up. Thus, becoming anorexic, a young girl may be able to remain a child.  While on the other hand gymnasts, female athletes, actresses and dancers often feel pressure to be very thin. Other theories that can explain psychological factors are reaction to sexual assault or abuse, a desire to remain weak and passive in the belief that men will find this attractive, A drive to be perfect in every part of life, whether it be school work or weight control and in some cases Biological or psychological problems caused by incorrect feeding experiences at an early age.

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