Essay: General Principle of Conflict Management

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Essay: General Principle of Conflict Management

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In conclusion, the paper has reflected my attainment in relation to this course. The attainment involves key areas of general principle of conflict management and negotiations. As a prospective nurse leader I must develop and have strong, effective communication skills such as to be able to listen well and be aware of non-verbal communication. These are vital for managing conflict through establishing trust among staff to encourage open communication, remain  positive and focus on ‘what can be done’ rather than have a negative approach, identify various ways of solving the conflict, evaluate the conflict and it’s solution and use outside sources to assist with the resolution if necessary.

Importantly, this course has helped me to understand that healthcare organizations view conflict as an unavoidable aspect of organizational change. Therefore, managerial actions that minimize conflict at workplace are necessary.  These actions include: involving staff in the decision-making process, regular status reports on accomplishments and issues within the unit, reviewing job descriptions regularly and have regular staff meetings. These actions shall enable the leadership and management to be aware of the current issues and future plans or needed changes. Acquisition of a systematic approach to conflict management and negotiation in five phases: analyzing the conflict, determining management strategy, pre-negotiation, negotiation, post-negotiation is remarkable.

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