Essay: Gender Inequality

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Essay: Gender Inequality

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Research pertaining to the inequality of gender in employment has depicted that preconceived criteria and gender expectations for a position ten to restrict the job scope. They tend to put invisible limitation for the men as well as the women employed in these positions. This tends to modify the performance of the individual resulting a rather decreased quality of performance. “Interactional sex categorization also biases the choice of comparison others, causing men and women to judge differently the rewards available to them. Operating in workplace relations, these processes conserve inequality by driving the gender-labeling of jobs, constructing people as gender-interested actors, contributing to employers’ discriminatory preferences, and mediating men’s and women’s perceptions of alternatives and their willingness to settle for given job outcomes.” (Ridgeway, 1997)

Form the constructionist point of view this discrimination takes place due to the preconceived notions of the society as to which jobs are suited for the female gender and what career paths are more suitable for the female professionals. From the cultural aspect the job of the female is supposed to relate to the nurturing and taking care of the children. As a result the females working force tends to be concentrated in jobs which are related to nursing, teaching or operating other services specially for the female population i.e. running a beauty salon etc.

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