Essay: Gender Inequality at Workplace

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Essay: Gender Inequality at Workplace

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This is due to the fact that the reasons for the gender inequality as provided by the constructionists come from the culture and traditions that are inherent in the society. These opinions and cultural views provide for the issue of gender inequality in all aspects of life. As a result in order to tackle this, a cultural reform needs to take place. This is not a straightforward problem as a result it cannot be addressed to by making regulations or implementing simple procedures. However the following steps can be taken to ensure a more equitable position for the different genders in the corporate world.

In order to avoid gender inequality the HR professionals need to be trained in the aspect of focusing on being professional and not exhibiting favoritism towards their exes. They need to be aware of the present laws of employment and need to adhere to the equal employment clause. Aside from this they need to understand the effects of issues like sexual harassment in the workplace and the glass ceiling barriers which are faced by the female workforce.

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