Essay: Gender Disparity in Coming of Age in Mississippi

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Essay: Gender Disparity in Coming of Age in Mississippi

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At that time, other than discrimination along the lines of race, gender disparities were witnessed. It was the irresponsibility of Moody’s father that led to separation with her mother. Women were treated as subjects of men and Moody experiences this as his Raymond sexually harasses due to her adoption of a new dressing code. Women at that time were also not allowed to walk around like men did. Moody sees George as free to have the company of other men. Moreover, it was well illustrated that her mother was left with Moody’s siblings to look after, on top of giving birth repeatedly. Her father could openly humiliate her mother with his lustrous engagement with women.

Due to segregation, being in a white school always made a black student uneasy. This case applied to moody and she was seen as a loner while in Natchez College where she had won a scholarship. She was proactively involved in basketball and tumbling. While here she tutored Mr. Burke’s son but they fallout as his father was tense about this relationship. .As a member of civil rights movements, she led the first demonstration protesting against food conditions.  She later joined the students’ nonviolent coordinating committee.

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