Essay: Gender Based Discrimination

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Essay: Gender Based Discrimination

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The customer preference to be assisted by male in most many industries just like in the HVAC industry is a direct indication that men dominate the women and it is the men who take the top management since the women are not treated as equal as men. This means that the glass ceiling is common in most realms of workforce, may it be the white collar or blue-collar professions. This gender-based discrimination is even evident in the schools where earlier, women would enroll in art related courses while the men focused on science related courses like engineering. Further, the glass ceiling perceives makes the men to appear as if they possess some greater leadership skills than men.

As a result of glass ceiling, the women take jobs basically not focusing on the level of pay but focuses on other issues. The women responsibility of taking care for the family and working on less heavy jobs while at the same time they prefer responsibilities that are related to home care. The family responsibilities have forced the women to be discriminated at the expense of their career growth. It is evident that the glass ceiling mainly focuses on the psychological perception of women rather than economic factors. The psychological factors have been founded on the traditional setting of a family where the man is the head of the family and does the heavier jobs hence making them to deserve more pay than the women.

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