Essay: Gauging the Ability of the Cockpit Crew

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Essay: Gauging the Ability of the Cockpit Crew

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Simulation has proven to be effective in gauging the ability of the cockpit crew on making decisions under different situations without the risk of hurting anyone. Simulation on reproducing risks that can happen during a flight and allowing all the crewmembers to give an opinion on what is the best cause of action. This done on teams as well as on the whole team to see how they can cooperate as one team in case the same thing happens while the plane is in flight. On studying different people it is established that CRM ought to be a continuous process since when it is left the cockpit tend to forget and thus they go back to their old ways. The other reason why the training has to be recurrent is because circumstances change everyday and so different strategies have to be introduced as remedy.

A Canadian plane that crashed because of taking off with ice on its wing showed how threats have to be analyzed in order to minimize accidents. The fact that nobody knew that the icing could cause such a huge damage depicts how ignorant the makers of the plane as well as the government were. The pilot disregarded the fact that the plane was supposed to be decided before takeoff since they assumed that everything would work out well. However, it is necessary for a pilot to run his or her hand along the wings and the tail of an aircraft before takeoff the pilot decided that this was not necessary. The checking for icing is done when temperatures fall below five degrees Celsius but Nancy Chase-Allan did not bother to do that.(Sun 2005)  The crew of that ill-fated plane where not meant to understand that it was dangerous to takeoff under such circumstances for this does not necessarily result in an accident. The ongoing activities on the ground are responsible for determining whether the flight would be successful.  Though the plane had shown that there was a threat in the flight before takeoff, everyone seems to be ignorant of the impeding danger. These threats are referred to as latent threats for they are because of the machine being used.

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