Essay: The Gang by Frederick Thrasher

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Essay: The Gang by Frederick Thrasher

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Frederick thrasher was a sociologist with a great view, his book the gang is on a study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago. Thrasher looks at isolation as common to almost every vocational, religious or cultural group of a large city as each develops its own sentiments, attitudes, codes, even its own words, which are at best only partially intelligible to others.

He sociologically viewed the issue of gang as the coming together of group from a particular area with some attitudes that are in one way or the other common with one another, they might be from the same religious group with one similar interest or with the same cultural believes before they can all be able to move together as one, though group but with the same interest. These groups (gang) can therefore have feelings, manners, codes and even the same type of communication understandable to them of the same gang.

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