Essay: The Future of the World Cup Finals in South Africa

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Essay: The Future of the World Cup Finals in South Africa

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With many days remaining before the World Cup final match, there is a high degree that there will riots triggered by the football fans. Among the major cause of riots are wrong referring decisions. The referees need to be extra cautious not to make any irrational decision that can result to ugly incidences. Bearing in mind that tournament is taking place on African soil, majority of the fans are supporting the African teams, the US due to the African link to Barak Obama, the sitting US president and England since the premier league is the most popular local league in the world.

Based on the above facts, the security authorities needs to ensure that while the above teams are playing maximum security measures are put in place. The riot police need to stay stand to install security in case of any incident. Further, considering that SA is among the countries with the highest crime rates in the world, extra caution needs to be taken. Shaw in his book, Crime and policing in post-apartheid South Africa: transforming under fire, notes, “Despite the problematic nature of statistics, there is little doubt that South Africa is now one of the most violent countries in the World (Shaw 53).

According to Veal, cases of violence against individual have been reported. During the Nigeria vs. Argentina match, a fan pointed a laser pen to Lionel Messy and Diego Maradona, the Argentina team manger too. These violent incidences need to be investigated since there must have been a security lapse for fans to enter in the stadium with such weapon. In case hooligans or criminals injure the internationally recognized players like Messi or others, it is obvious that riots can occur in SA.

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