Essay: Fundamental Goals of Psychotherapy

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Essay: Fundamental Goals of Psychotherapy

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One of the fundamental strategies that can be undertaken in such cases is to encourage and help the patients to differentiate between the conception of myth and reality. This is achieved by use of factual information, illustrations and analysis of different case studies. If undertaken in an effective manner, these go a long way in modifying and changing the perceptions of the patients. Mary (2003) shows that they practically aid in bringing the patient back to reality. The patient is then able to appreciate the role and contribution of reality to his or her wellbeing. It is worth acknowledging that this measure constitutes one of the fundamental goals of psychotherapy.

Myths according to Winnicott (1980) often perpetuate addictive behaviors and in most instances are deep rooted in a person’s thinking process. It is because of the fact that they give the patient the urge to continue engaging in addictive activities that are unhealthy. The patients, due to their vulnerabilities, highly depend on this internal urge for decision making. Further, the substances that they consume undermine their ability to make rational decisions. In fact, their capacity to think wisely when under the influence of drugs and other addictive substances is walled off by the influence of the drugs. Despite the fact that modifying them might be an enormous task, therapists perceive this ‘a must’ step towards recovery.

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