Essay: Fund Transfer

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Essay: Fund Transfer

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There are some limitations to the usage of this service because a person is allowed to make transactions of a maximum of 35,000 Kenya shillings. The government together with the service providers should come with a plan of raising the amount of money a person can transact in a day. This will middle businesses a chance to make larger payments.  This will go a long way in ensuring that most people are served to their satisfaction. The other limiting factor is the congestion experienced by the networks. Service provider should put in place enough infrastructures to cater for the needs of the ever-increasing clientele. This will ensure that services are obtained faster when needed as there would be no delays. Security should also be offered to the agents since many of them claim to have been robbed while conducting their businesses.

In Africa as a whole this technology is highly being adopted by very many countries in the world as it has proven to be very easy to use. Now that fund transfer has gone international the respective governments should put in place regulations that will discourage money laundering. People might take advantage of this technology to transfer illegally acquired money across the globe if care is not taken. If the technology is used for legal dealings it will go a long way making transactions easy and convenient.

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