Essay: Frankenstein novel response paper

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Essay: Frankenstein novel response paper

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There are some important aspects in the letters, which Victor Frankenstein, used to send to his sister. In chapter one, the reader learns the love that existed in the family of the Frankenstein. It is of paramount importance to note that the death of Frankenstein’s maternal grandfather, Beaufort led to the meeting of his father, Alphonse and mother Caroline. Frankenstein’s father, Alphonse was left with the responsibility of bringing up, Caroline the daughter of his long time friend but instead he married her to make sure that he took care of her as his friend wished. Though Beaufort died out of poverty and Alphonse was rich, he married a woman from a poor background. During those times, peasants did not mingle with people from noble families but Alphonse went against that by befriending a peasant and marrying his daughter.

The story of Elizabeth Lavenza, Frankenstein’s childhood companion is introduced as a girl who was adopted by Caroline when she realized that a poor Italian family that is raising her up can barely feed her. The fact that Caroline was from a noble family when she met “blonde girl among the dark-haired Italian children” did not stop her from adopting the young girl. When she takes the girl to Geneva, she is of the opinion that her son, Frankenstein will marry this young woman when the time comes. (Shelley 30)

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