Essay: Frankenstein and the Monster

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Essay: Frankenstein and the Monster

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In his first letter, he tells the reader about his preparations before he leaves to the land of the unknown. The love he has towards his sister makes him acknowledge the importance of telling her what his plans are. The three events mentioned shows how the author emphasized about love in a family.  It is worth noting that during the nineteenth century people associated according to their classes in the society. According to what the narrator is saying, it shows how a close family Frankenstein was living in, even though the other families were living differently. Even though Frankenstein grew up in a loving family is ironical to the grief that he suffers later in the novel.

It is through the lives of Frankenstein and the monster that we learn how the two characters were secretive. The death of his young brother and wife together with a few other innocent people does not push Frankenstein close to revealing that he is the one who created this monster. Frankenstein hides the truth from the other people for the simple reason that he feels guilty for being responsible for the death of hiss loved ones. On the other hand, the monster stays away from people because of its size. It is important to acknowledge that under normal circumstances a responsible man in the society ought to tell his or her own people of the mistakes that he or she might have done in past if they are bringing agony to the society. Frankenstein decides to trail the monster and kill it before Walton knows that he is the one who created the killer monster. (Shelley 45-78)

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