Essay: Frank Lloyd Wright

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Essay: Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright was born with the name Frank Lincoln Wright in 8 June 1867 in Richland Center in Wisconsin of the United States. He changed his name to Frank Lloyd Wright after his parents divorced to honour his mother’s name.  Until his death in 9 April 1959, he was an educator, writer, interior designer and American architect (Wright 51). Throughout his life, he was able to design over 1,000 projects with over 500 being completed successfully. His design work involves the design of different types of buildings including museums, hotels, skyscrapers, schools, churches and offices. In these buildings, he went further to design the interior parts like stained glass and furniture. Apart from building, his writing career was a success for he was able to author twenty books a number of articles. He was also a lecturer in both Europe and United States. His life was colourful and it even made headlines especially the incident that occurred in 1914, in which there were murders and fire in his studio in Taliesin (Wright 55).

Wright started his work while still in University of Wisconsin–Madison for he studied part time and helped his civil engineering professor. His first job was as an artisan at Chicago where he worked in partnership with Silsbee to be also the construction supervisor. While still in this firm, he was busy with two projects namely the All Souls Church and the Hillside Home School. While still in the firm, Lloyd felt underpaid and thus sought for part-time contracts with other firms. By working at different firms, he was seen as the most competent designer and thus his work was praised. It is notable that Lloyd was competent although he could not work independently of Sullivan for he lacked the funds to support the projects. He lived a very expensive life and thus was always short of funds. He went further to decline sponsorship offers and job opportunities offered to him by the people who admired his work. A good example of this is the offer given to him by a Chicago planner and architect, Daniel Burnham, who offered Lloyd four year of education at École des Beaux-Arts and later two years in Rome. He was to get a job in Burnham’s firm after studying. However, irrespective of this tempting offer and the support he got from his family, he refused (Wright 67).

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