Essay: Franchises of Burger King

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Essay: Franchises of Burger King

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In order to monitor its franchises Burger King uses a two-tiered administrative structure. According to the stipulations made in the governing contracts, the franchise relationship can only be established from Miami while the law that governs it is enclosed in the Florida law. In addition to this, the contract specifications require that all required fees should be paid to the same office as well as notices of relevance that are needed in the headquarters should be forwarded to this office only. Since the Miami headquarters has all the rights, it is entrusted to set policies and make liaison with all its working franchisees to provide aid in solving major problems. In order to monitor these franchises on a daily account, it makes use of its ten district offices that are networked together and that need to report to the Miami headquarters.

Unlike the case of McDonalds, most Burger King franchises are privately owned and it’s upon the efforts of the private owner to run the franchise and meet the standards set by Burger King. Through the private ownership of franchises, some franchises have grown to global corporations through the efforts of the private owners. For any firm to win any vast market share, Burger King franchises focuses on the quality of its products. this is because fast foods are resulting to obesity that is resulting to many ailment. Among the major cause of obesity after consuming fast foods is due to the high sugar and fat content, (Currie, et, al). therefore, quality of the products is a major to all franchises. One great advantage that the Burger King has offered  its franchises is the ability to make decisions based on the respective location market situations. The franchises study the market forces within a specified region and strategies are developed to win a considerable market share.

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