Essay: Foucault’s Notion of Bio-Power

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Essay: Foucault’s Notion of Bio-Power

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Foucault (1980), ‘The History of Sexuality Volume 1’ describes “bio politics as a system of governance in which the governing body exercises authority over its subjects in such a way that their sexuality and personality are constituted in a particular manner” (Foucault. This is conducted in a manner that the subjects come to terms with national policy matters. This way, it becomes easy for the government to regulate the population as per the economic progress.

The government’s major concern is fostering the life of the population by centering on the poles of discipline which he describes by “an anatomo” .This is politics of the human body. Whereas bio politics is the regulatory part of the population, it is embedded on the policy of protecting life as opposed to the death threat hence the rise of sexuality, which regulates the body.

In an attempt to explain how Foucault’s bio power notion challenges the juridico-sovereign power which is tied to the ideas of liberalism and Marxism theories, one has to have a clear insight of the various contentious issues that the philosophers put a foe in their bid to support their theories and explain the rise of modernity as form of government.

From the dawn of the 20th century to the late 1950s, modernization was triggered by cultural transformation. As a type of government, it reigned as succession of varied movements and styles that reacted against historicism and recognized individual perception and experience as the cornerstone of the creative process. The modern government interpretation can be better understood through critical analysis of political philosophers’ writings from Greek civilization to the age of globalization.

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