Essay: Foucault’s Advocacy of Bio power

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Essay: Foucault’s Advocacy of Bio power

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It should be noted, however, that Foucault does not focus on capital or the ruling class as the embodiment of power. Instead he focuses on the historical of professional discourses that increasing limit, define and normalize the vocabularies of motives. Power normalizes through discursive formation of knowledge. He thus argues that an appropriate understanding of modern government must take into consideration the perspectives of history, political philosophy, and economics not forgetting globalization.

In summary it is worth noting that Foucault advocacy of bio power is way beyond this argument. He has analyses the human society in a wider scope of sexuality and the common misconceptions that come along with it in placement of people to different classes, the manipulation of power propagated by the haves against the haves not in the society, the idea of constitutionalism that have ushered in modernity. In his view, modernity is yet to be realized if the leaders of the population continue to ignore basic and fundamental human rights. These are the rights that humanity has always fought for and worked towards creating an equal society where all citizens perform to the best of their potentials in nation building.

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