Essay: The Formation of Identity

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Essay: The Formation of Identity

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The formation of identity is associated with suppression and dominance, restricting individuals from moving out of dogma. In this light, Foucault dismisses their creation and goes for the idea of their disbandment. He insists that freedom should therefore be practiced in all means possible rather than being made a goal to be achieved with time and economic sustenance. Knowledge starts with rules and constrains but not freedom.

It describes various historical ways of framing the body to make it socially productive. The body is an element to be managed in relation to strategies economic and social management of population.

He says that post modernity is a nihilistic epoch, which is a philosophical doctrine, suggesting the negation of one or more meaningful aspects of life-life are vanity without objective meaning. Foucault’s approach includes political and ethical nihilism and his views on the kind of ethical approach that he wanted to take in his work. He argues that the exercise of power merely remains bearable through sealing its tracks. He saw it as a part of his task to make people aware of how intolerable previous exercises actually were.

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