Essay Format

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Essay Format

For writing an essay efficiently, you need to learn the essay format. We divide the entire essay under three main headings:

  1. I.            The introduction
  2. II.            The main body of the essay
  3. III.            The conclusion

Certainly, the length of the essay varies with the requirement; however, format should be supplied with sufficient content to write a professionally written essay. It is recommended to make a detailed study in order to properly understand the topic of the essay. This would help to structure the content of the essay in an attractive way. Here is the detail of the above elements of the essay format.

The Introduction:

Here you would introduce your topic to the reader. Give a brief description about what the topic is and why you have chosen to write an essay on it. Develop a thesis statement which would create a picture in the mind of the reader of what is going to be said in the essay. Make the introduction attractive so that it attains the attention of the reader.

Middle paragraphs:

The middle paragraphs may vary in number depending upon the size of the essay you require. Describe your topic in points now in the paragraphs. Each paragraph should describe one point. Supply each paragraph with proper facts and evidences extracted from reliable sources.

While writing the supporting content of your essay, make sure you do not distract from the topic. Generate a central point around which your essay would revolve. The paragraphs should be developed coherently to keep the reader’s attention focused on what is being said in the essay.

The Conclusion:

The conclusion of the essay format is the summary of the whole essay. Write a brief summary of the essay in the conclusion including all the points therein. Rephrase the thesis statement to make the reader properly understand the main idea of the essay. You can also put you recommendation or opinion in the conclusion if required.

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