Essay: Formal assessment

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Essay: Formal assessment

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Part one: general information

“The TONI-3, a major revision of the popular and well-built Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, is a norm-referenced measure of intelligence, aptitude, abstract reasoning, and problem solving that is completely free of the use of language” (Brown et al 1997) and is written by Linda Brown, Rita J. Sherbenou & Susan K. Johnsen. It was published by Pro-Ed Publishers, which is based in New York in 1997. This type of assessment is very good since it does not need the examiner to read the materials but uses body gestures as a show of approval or disapproval of what is being said. This method of evaluation gives the examiner the confidence to evaluate those subjects that are difficult to evaluate since it has precision. It is best suited to examine learners who have disabilities due to deafness of mental retardation. It is also good for foreigners who are not well acquainted with the English language.

The TONI-3 Picture Book has drawings, which represent a definite problem solving procedure. The pictures are produced the use of the latest computer technology in order to come up the best method of evaluating these problems.  The procedure can be used to evaluate the student before or after he has sat for the examination. Schools that have students who are difficult to examine are recommended to have the TONI-3 Picture Book as a tool for evaluating the student’s abilities. The TONI-3 Picture Book is made up of fifty items, which are arranged chronologically from the easiest to the hardest.  Since there is, no use of speech in the evaluation the examiner uses his body to convey with the student.

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