Essay: Ford Market Share Declines

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Essay: Ford Market Share Declines

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This is the main reason why the market share of Ford declines relative to other firms increase. Like there was a drop in the Ford’s Market share in the US 9.9 % to 6.9% from 1999 to 2003, at the same time world share dropping from 21.1% to 19.5% during the same period.

To accrue to this drop is that Ford motors are stifled and not responsive to economic changes to design products that go per the current economic pressure from consumers. Another aspect that is rapidly changing and ought to be noticed is the aspect of Customer satisfaction through responsiveness. This is the main firm assets together with the Human Capital that plays a vital role in business success. The research indicated that Ford despi6te being the largest firm in the world is rated second after GM for its customer responsiveness. As indicated in the table below;

Consumer Responsiveness (Quality and Reliability)

Company Consumer/ Dealer initiatives $ % Increase
GM 4, 431 12
Ford 4,296 23
Toyota 2,891 33
Honda 1,593 65
Nissan 1,631 10

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