Essay: Firms that have Fallen Victim to Cyber Crimes

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Essay: Firms that have Fallen Victim to Cyber Crimes

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Among the firms, engaging in eCommerce that have fallen victims of cybercrime includes eBay, Amazon and Yahoo among many others. The hackers of these firms’ websites prevent the actual users of the site and divert valuable data and carryout some unauthorized transactions.

Many firms which fail to configure their systems and leave it with the default manufacturer’s configuration making it easier for hacker to access the database. To avoid this risk, firms needs to switch off services in the system that are set as default and make u

sure, other systems are customized by being configured. Firms can also set up a cyber network that will defend the business from hackers. Electronic commerce demands water tight security system, which must always be monitored, and changes made to upgrade the security system.

The legal authorities have been faced with challenges to control the cybercrime due to the emerging innovation in technology. Due the changes occurring in the technology, the European countries have formed a convention of cybercrime, which use the international standards to curb the cybercrimes.

In the United States, the government began to respond against the cybercrime in 1984. Enacting the first law against the cybercrime referred to as the computer fraud and abuse act. The department of justice began to specialize on the computer crimes in 1991. The US Department of Justice established nine special prosecuting units that were meant to fight the cybercrime in 2001. This team was referred to as Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property rights that were geared towards addressing computer technology related crimes. The FBI has played a crucial role to curb cybercrimes due to increasing number of computer intrusions. The intrusions were in the databases for organization credit cards, online businesses and financial institutions among others.

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