Essay: Fireside Poets

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Essay: Fireside Poets

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The artists were expected to use history from their countries as a means of inspiration. This was seen in the poetry works of Longfellow, Bryant and Whitman among others. All these poets were considered the “Fireside Poets,” or the “Schoolbook Poets”. These poets helped in making lives easy for other poets who wanted to rely on poetry to make a living. They had made it public the importance of poetry and this made it easy for the new poets.

The four poets have so much in common in their struggles to write but they are very different in their personality. It is noted that Whitman spent five years in school and further went to learn printing trade for four years. Dickinson did not go further after her schooling but only went to be with her family and did not look for any official job. She remained most of the time with her family members and did not socialize so much with the outside world. Whitman had most of time spend on observing the ways of people and the New York City.

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