Essay: What is Financialization

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Essay: What is Financialization

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Financialization includes expansion of the public debt along with speculation about the future, this has modified the monopoly capitalism laws and this scenario has been observed since 1970s. It is in the 1980s when the economic crisis took a new look that could be defined in its own terms. The new economy bubble and the housing bubble that burst in 2007 should be perceived as a characteristic of mature economy that resulted to stagnation.

Mature economy refers to a developed economy where capital accumulation depends on growth of finance due to over capacity production and stagnation. The financial growth absorbs the idle capital through a number of fresh financial instruments. A young economy refers to an economy where there is limited capital which is under-employed and the financial instruments are used to develop strategies to develop the economy. In a young economy, the financial growth is used to employ the available capital in a more productive way which will guarantee economic growth.

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