Essay: Financial Position of Walt Disney Company

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Essay: Financial Position of Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company is an entertainment service provider which operates and invests in ventures which further entrainment for teenagers and children. The company is a diversified entertainment company which has four basic segments for its operations, specifically media networks, studio entertainment, parks and resorts as well as consumer products. The operations of the company are primarily based in theUnited States. The company states that it is committed to its corporate governance policies.

The main points of the corporate governance policies of the company pertain to promote the practices and standards which ensure that shareholder interests are represented in their original while being independent. However the board of directors is held accountable for the activities and the operation of the business.

The company is also committed to conducting business activities according trio the highest standards of the business ethics while complying with the laws and rules of the regional and national state of government. The company also has established a specific code of conduct which indicates to its director, managers and employees as to what are different method of interaction and communication in the company which abide by the regional laws and regulation. These are specifically addressing the issues of conflicts of interest, business relationships for the directors as well as information pertaining to the use of corporate information and assets. The code of conduct and operation of the business also enforces that the directors of the company have ti abide by the laws,, rule sand regulation that are inherent in the state and in the industry. Moreover it also encourages fair dealing when interacting with the company’s employees, customers, suppliers and even competitors.

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