Essay: Fern Hill and Araby

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Essay: Fern Hill and Araby

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At the start of the poem, Fern Hill the boy starts as a white lamb depicting innocence but not all this is there at the end of the story. He was green and full of life but all this has changed as he watches his green grass start wilting and drying up. He realizes that he did not spend his youth well but he does not have time to rectify all this since he is almost dying. The narrator has realized the importance of time when he is very late and he cannot utilize the little time remaining to do the things he wants to do.

The narrator in the Araby has been following Mangan’s sister and admiring her as they go to school, but he does not know what to tell her. He decides to go to the bazaar in order to learn a few tricks on how to seduce a woman and even promises Mangan’s sister a present when he (narrator) returns. At the bazaar, the narrator finds anther young woman who is talking to two young men. He pretends to be admiring some flower vases that are being sold by the young woman. This is not the reason why he stands there but he wants to hear what the trio is talking about. When the narrator fails to understand what the three young people are talking about, he leaves the place a disappointed man.

The stories show how transformation occurs in the life of a person as he or she grows up. People ignore some things when they are kids only to realize how important they were in life after they have grown up. Brown has grown spiritually whereas the boy in Araby is growing physically. The narrator in the Fern Hill shows the transformations that happen in the whole life of a human being from birth to the death.

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