Essay: Female Sexuality Novels

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Essay: Female Sexuality Novels

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Female sexuality novels an important role in the novel as it was during the Victorian times. The way female behaved during these times was because of very rigid expectations from the society. Rules were so rigid such that women could not “show her legs or even say ‘leg’. Even pianos had ‘limbs’, and those (wore) fluffy coverings so as not to be seen. (Neither) neither ‘leg’ nor ‘breast’ could be (spoken) in polite company” (Podonsky 56). Women were expected to be virgins, which was a sign of innocence and purity or a wife and a good mother to her children.

Any woman who was not in one of these categories was considered a slut. When Dracula lands in England and decides to heave his evil magic to Lucy, it is expected to create a conflict in her sexuality. The two women, Mina and Lucy were all innocent and totally dedicated to their men and they are considered as role models. Through the exploits of Dracula, the women are bound to change to the exact opposite of what they represent and as a result become voluptuous. They turn to become open to their sexual needs something that was not the norm in those times.

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