Essay: The federal transfer center

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Essay: The federal transfer center

The federal transfer center is the first stop for first time offenders. This institution holds high security prisoners, with much more restrictions. Most prisoners spend a few days here before being transferred, while others spend a longer period with work and labor assigned to them.

The federal medical centers are prison hospitals; there are seven of them across the whole country, with six of them for men and one for women. Usually all prisons have a medical canter and facilities but incase an inmate has a chronic or serious illness, they are committed to the medical center Bosworth (2002).

The federal detention and metropolitan detention centers hold people who are awaiting trial. They are convicted and are awaiting sentence, they also house the work cadre and provide labor to the inmates. They have high populations as many prisoners are on their way through the system and awaiting transfers. It is common to find that these centers are contacted to private companies Geltner (2008).

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