Essay: Fear of stigmatization and prejudice

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Essay: Fear of stigmatization and prejudice

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Family support in any HIV related care is very important. Many families in Addis Ababa have not put much emphasis on caring about the infected members (Gillespie, 2010, 45). Couples being among this society are equally affected by the same threats of being stigmatized. Couples who received family back up prior to visiting these centers have gone ahead to register a good result in adhering to drug therapies incase they test positive.

These couples found it easy to visit these centers after encouragement from other family members. A study carried out in 2009 among couples revealed that 72.4 percent of interviewed couples agreed to adhere to their drugs after their families supported them (Marelize, 2007, p. 50). This issue translates into a couple’s chances of visiting a counseling center. Such couples fear rejection or separation from their families hence making them a factor negatively influencing couples to visit a voluntary counseling centers in Addis Ababa.

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