Essay: Is Fashion Important

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Essay: Is Fashion Important

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Now that we live in a civilized society, everyone needs to clad well and in a presentable manner. The mode of clothing is determined by ones culture and one needs to cloth in a socially acceptable. With time, fashion has become a concern among the global citizens, however, it is the purchasing power of individuals that dictates whether one can afford the products on fashion or  not. Fashion changes from time to time and the trends of fashion differ between generations. The products on fashion ranges on all the products available but this case limits its self to clothing that has affects our self-image of an individual.

For the certain clothing identified as being on fashion, the clothing is defined by its unique properties and in some occasions, the product is endorsed by celebrities and models that normally have great influence among the peoples. Among the celebrities that have been endorsed to promote some consumer products includes Beckham, Thierry Henry, Mike Tyson, Naomi Campel and Asafa Powell among many others. As products are made popular and promoted in efforts win a big market share, the product can become a fashionable trend and be identified among a certain generation. Among the brand names that have been associated with fashion products includes Adidas, Sir Henry men’s suits, Nike, and Reebok, to name just but a few. Though a product may be on fashion, it is imperative that the though a certain product may be affect the individual image positive or negatively among the different personnel’s. This is because what an individual can identify as good many is identified as bad by the individual. It is therefore imperative for an individual willing to create a positive self-image to critically consider the perception from other individuals (Davis 2008).

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