Essay: Family planning education

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Essay: Family planning education

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Another study by Angeles, Guilkey, & Mroz in 2005 focused o the effects of education and family planning programs on the Indonesian women. This study was able to research on the family developmental outcomes and the schooling of the children. This depicted that a strong relation was present between the education of the mother and the benefits that are available to her children.

They study concluded that “programs to increase women’s educational attainments might be the most effective way to stimulate reductions in fertility and improve children’s lives in developing countries. The presence of family planning programs in a young woman’s village when she is making her school attendance decisions increases substantially her educational attainment.” (Angeles, Guilkey, & Mroz, 2005) Although this study was not relevant to the population ofAmericahowever the issue being targeted was the same as in that which is currently present in the United States and as a result the conclusion of this study can be taken onto account.

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