Essay: Factors that Lead to Employee Motivation

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Essay: Factors that Lead to Employee Motivation

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Bowen and Radhakrishna (1991) argues that it does not matter the form of theory of motivation followed but all that seems to be very important after the research results were analyzed is employee pay and interesting work. This implies that most of the employees who were interviewed argued that when they had interesting tasks to perform and were paid well to cater for their needs, they felt like they were appreciated in the organization and thus wanted to work hard to ensure the survival of the organization.

These two researchers further argue that the factors that lead to employee motivation are not constant. This implies that the managers should not be fixed to follow the factors that were followed ten years ago but should rather keep on following the findings of the latest researches to renew their strategies. On the other hand, employees should not be afraid to inform their managers of what they feel could make them motivated implying that the managers should be out to talk to their employees. They should not assume senior positions and powers such that there is no freedom of speech for the employees.

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