Essay: Factors Contributing to Obesity

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Essay: Factors Contributing to Obesity

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Generally, several factors cause obesity besides consuming excess calories. Obesity can be caused by genetic factors that are hereditary within a family tree. In addition, a child with an obese brother/ sister or parent has a likelihood of being obese. Dietary problems have become a major cause of obesity among the children. Many do not prefer to eat vegetables, whole grains, or fruits but prefer to eat in hotels, candy shops where they easily access fast food that has high fat content.

Lack of physical exercise also causes obesity. Most children spend their time watching movies, playing computer games, rarely engage in any exercises at school resulting to obesity. In addition, children from low income families have high chances of become obese since they are hyperactive hence consume many calories. Certain hormonal imbalances also cause obesity besides, some kind of medications altering food digestion and intake causes obesity.

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