Essay: Factors Contributing to Human Growth

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Essay: Factors Contributing to Human Growth

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It is also notable that blood groups for people who are born from the same region keeps on recurring while it is very different from the people who migrate to the area. In this study as well, IQs and personality scores were found to be highly affected by environmental factors. However, people of the same region have IQs and personality scores, which are close to each other. IQs have been proved to be highly depended on social class, occupation, and varying from region to region. It was also notable that women who moved from low social class to higher one because of marriage had higher IQ than those who remained in low social class. People with blood group O have also been noted to have a higher IQ.

Human growth was shown to depend on environmental quality, fitness and adaptation. Children put in poor conditions show poor muscular strength and development (11). Harrison traveled to many places and did extensive research in his areas and thus his results are reliable. He even incorporated findings of other researchers in his conclusions to come up with consistent results.

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