Essay: Experimental Procedure on Teeth

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Essay: Experimental Procedure on Teeth

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Teeth from an adult and a baby were obtained and cut to separate the dentine from the enamel, since the enamel is the required sample. The samples were analysed to make sure that they were in healthy condition. An epoxy made of silicon rubber was used as a mount for the samples for easy polishing and testing. A mixture of two parts of the epoxy resin and a part of hardener was poured into the mould and left to dry for 24 hours at room temperature.  The samples were then removed from the mould and polished using a Struers Pedemat auto polisher. A diamond pad was used to wipe away the excess epoxy layer leaving out a thin layer before polishing. A sufficient layer of enamel, large enough for analysis was exposed.

By the use of light microscope, the needed surface conditions could be obtained. Each polishing was timed to about 20 minutes with diamond pads of 9mm, 3mm and 1mm at loads of 15N, 10N and 5N. The study was done using two alcoholic drinks namely Victoria Bitter, which is 4.95alcohol and Guinness beer that is 6.5% alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages were Coca-Cola, Del Monte orange juice, brewed black coffee and brewed black tea. Enamel from an adult was subjected to all the six drinks with the baby’s enamel being exposed to the non-alcoholic beverages only. Different timings were done or the different drinks according to the extent of corrosion for each drink.

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