Essay: Experiential Learning Theory

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Essay: Experiential Learning Theory

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John Dewy and Kurt Levin postulated the Experiential Learning Theory. The theory caters four major aspects of learning. The theory presents a fine balance of experience, observations, conceptualization and experimentation (Skyrius, 2001).

The cycle begins with the experience the management gathers under certain circumstances, observations is when the management tends to search for the fundamentals of the experience this stage than leads to the phase of abstraction on conceptualization where the action plan in response to an observation is generated and finally the management takes the final action and the plan is implemented. Apparently this brings an end to the Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning, but the effective management also looks after the consequences of the implementation of the action plan. These types of actions are usually implemented in controlled environment, so as to counter negative consequences before the implementation of the plan organization wide (Haire, 2005).

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