Essay: Experiences of Schools in the State of New Mexico

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Essay: Experiences of Schools in the State of New Mexico

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The society, with reference to schools, has not demonstrated cultural and contextual sensitivity to the diverse needs of the New Mexican populations that they serve.

Schools in the State of New Mexico continue to experience cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity with regard to their enrolment. However, when issues pertaining to such diversity are not addressed in an appropriate manner, students will continue to drop out of school. Chavez and colleagues (1991) argued that it is crucial for Las Cruces Public School District to embrace change and flexibility in order to address the diverse needs of the population in the state of New Mexico. Factors such as schools’ organization impede learning and cause school drop out for many students. Other programs such as those that relate to top-down preparation programs for teachers have also continued to undermine cultural and contextual mechanisms with multicultural approaches that promote educational theory and practice necessary for critical thinking, collective learning, as well as analytical discourse (Chavez et al, 1991).

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